The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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A.Myrzakhmetov and farmers of Karaganda, Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan regions discussed State Program for Development of Agro-Industrial Complex

09 December 2016, 19:39

Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov held sectional meeting with agricultural producers of Karaganda, Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan regions.

Earlier, the head of state stressed that the issues of the agricultural sector require careful consideration. The priorities of the State program of development of agriculture should be an increase in production volumes, increased productivity, diversification of agricultural production, reducing food imports, increasing exports of processed products and agricultural cooperation development.

In response to the request, Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a draft of National Agribusiness Development Programme for 2017-2021, which was discussed in the Parliament and the Government of Kazakhstan.

Combining private farms into cooperatives is a major conceptual approach of state program that will lead to a balanced and sustainable development of the country, increase productivity and improve living standards of the general population.

State support in the framework of the state program will be provided through the subsidization of the cost of cooperatives to provide for veterinary smallholders, agro-chemical, financial, marketing and other services.

The program aims to involve more than 500 thousand smallholdings and small commodity production in the BCH and to create more than 1,200 agricultural cooperation by 2021.

Cooperatives will provide its members with veterinary services, agrochemicals, forage, slaughtering, milk collection, product storage and distribution logistics. For example, the villagers for their cattle need hay. When the cost of 7-8 thousand tenge per ton, it is sold for 20 thousand in summer, for 30 thousand tenge in autumn, for 40-50 thousand tenge in winter. A cooperative, taking the support of the state to lease the tractor, mower, trailer can provide the villagers with hay at cost, as well as co-operatives, in a word, we must address all the issues that are hindering the development of production factors for smallholders and small-scale farms, centrally will supply the mixed fodder villagers through his little preparation center.

It is planned to create a focused export policies as part of the state program. The main measure to promote domestic agricultural products to foreign export markets will be carried out under a single umbrella brand that will enable an accelerated pace to win the trust of overseas markets.