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Mediators of Kazakhstan to provide free consultations for citizens

05 August 2016, 19:39

Kazakhstan has held the "Day of mediation" republican campaign under the auspices of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

According to the organizers, this event is held to popularize and develop the institute of mediation, as part of it an open day will be held.

"300 rooms will open its doors for the whole country, where professional and non-professional mediators will provide  free advice. Pre-announcements have been published, "  the chief expert of department of mediation Dauren Alpamysuly noted.

Thus, according to the expert, the action will take place in a day.

"We carry out this action to provide advice for  citizens, and they will be free of charge. Cabinets work from morning till night. Each office has mediation helpline, " he said.

In addition, on this day leaflets indicating the location and phone number of mediation trust offices will be distributed to the public, showing, as well as situational training with the assistance of professional mediators will be held for visitors.