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State Corporation "Government for Citizens" underwent state optimization of structural units

12 August 2016, 21:27
Photo: Госкорпорация «Правительство для граждан»

  The State Corporation "Government for Citizens" created a single register of positions and balanced remuneration system.

RSE "Scientific-Production Center of Land Cadastre", RSE "Real Estate Center",  State Enterprise "State center on payment of pensions" and RSE "centers of service of the population" included in the structure  of the state corporation  had fragmented pay system and registry posts .

According to the deputy chairman of the "Government for Citizens" Dihanbay Abenov, reorganization of structures were carried out within the existing payroll.

"After the merger of four companies, we conducted a comparative analysis of the structural units and the distribution of functions within each area. The level of wages differed not only in the enterprises themselves, but also in the regions, "  Dmitry Abenov said.

"The establishment of the State Corporation" Government for Citizens " has allowed to unite most public services in a single structure. This will improve the working conditions for the employees of corporations, without increasing the wage fund, "  Abenov said, adding that the increase in the salaries of ordinary employees will be up to 20%.