Kazakh Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov has held a Government session to discuss preparations for the 2013-2014 winter season.

Akhmetov said that the preparations for the winter almost finished. He stressed that the issue of preparedness of fuel and energy complex and the regions of the country for the heating season was under special control of the Head of State.


Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies B.Dzhaksaliyev reported on the preparedness of power utilities and power networks for the heating season.

According to him, the major part of the planned activities for the preparation of utilities was finished. However, there are some issues of concern. These are the depreciation of heating networks, repair backlog, accumulation of coal reserves.


According to him, this year all power utilities are required to have certificate of preparedness for the autumn-winter period. Deadline for submitting documents is October 1 of this year.

Vice Minister of Regional Development S.Nokin told about the level of preparedness of the housing and utilities sector and the social sector.


In addition, Minister of Emergency Situations V.Bozhko, Minister of Oil and Gas U.Karabalin, governor of East Kazakhstan B.Saparbayev, governor of Kostanay region N.Saduakasov, governor of Akmola region K.Aitmukhametov, governor of Zhambyl region K. Bozumbayev, governor of Mangistau region A.Aidarbayev, governor of South Kazakhstan region A.Myrzajhmetov, Deputy Mayor of Astana V.Krylov delivered their reports at the session.


The Prime Minister noted the good level of preparedness for the heating season. But in case of early onset of winter regional governors have to conduct additional inspection of power supply networks, electric and thermal energy transportation networks, community facilities, housing, and to ensure organized start of the heating season in the set terms, he said.

Serik Akhmetov urged the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Emergency Situations to "continue to monitor the completion of the repair campaign." The Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Oil and Gas in cooperation with JSC "KazMunayGas" were instructed "to take the necessary steps to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel oil and gas to all power supply units throughout the heating season."