Alikhan Smailov visits one of agricultural farms established under Auyl Amanaty project in Kostanay region

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov familiarized with the implementation of the project to increase the income of rural population "Auyl Amanaty" in Kostanai region and visited a new enterprise for processing of grain legumes.

Thus, the head of the Government familiarized with the work of the farm established by the participant of the project "Auyl Amanaty" Kymbat Kokieva in the village Zarechnoye of Kostanay region. Under the program she received 5.2 million tenge, thanks to which she bought 13 cattle and hired a worker. 

"My parents kept a small farm. Besides, I myself realize that a private house has all the conditions for keeping farm animals. When I voiced the idea, my parents were happy and supported it. Now we have renovated the premises, made a separate well for animals. In the future I want to expand in the meat direction, to increase the number of livestock. I would like to open my own butcher store and make semi-finished products. In the future I would like to open a production meat shop," the entrepreneur noted. 

The "Auyl Amanaty" project, launched on the initiative of Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, is aimed at improving the lives and incomes of villagers. It provides microcredits at 2.5 percent per annum for a period of 5-7 years to start a business.

Special attention is paid to recipients of targeted social assistance. Funds under the project can be taken both by beginners and existing entrepreneurs.

Prime Minister reminded that the implementation of the program "Auyl Amanaty" started in Zhambyl region. It proved to be an effective tool, so it was decided to scale it to all regions of the country from 2023. 

"We see that this is a very effective program. For its implementation last year the Government allocated 100 billion tenge. This made it possible to issue 12 thousand microcredits. This year the implementation of the program will be continued, it is planned to provide 17 thousand microcredits. The most important thing is employment in rural areas and increase of incomes, development of cooperation and agricultural production. We wish you success in realizing your plans," Alikhan Smailov said. 

Prime Minister also visited a new enterprise for processing of grain legumes "Kaizen" with a capacity of 170 thousand tons of finished products per year. A full cycle of production from raw materials to packaging has been established here. The project has received 4 billion tenge of investments and 70 jobs have been created.

Alikhan Smailov emphasized that the Government has a big task to double the output of the agro-industrial complex. 

"The other day we held a big meeting on this topic, where we set specific indicators for each region for the current and next years. This concerns the increase of sown areas, introduction of water-saving technologies, application of mineral fertilizers, development of processing and other areas. It is important to implement these plans in time and in full," he said.

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