Government approaches to stabilizing prices for socially important food products proved their effectiveness in 2023 — Zhumangarin

The work carried out in 2023 to stabilize prices for basic foodstuffs was considered at a meeting in the Government.

According to preliminary results, the measures taken during the year had their effect: for 11 months food inflation in the country amounted to 7.5% at a general level of 8.9%. Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin thanked the heads of regions, relevant ministries and organizations for effective work, stressing that the basic task for the next year is to further reduce the annual inflation rate.

"Everyone has done well this year, but the achieved indicators will be high for 2024. Keep a close eye on market conditions and the dispersal of vegetable stocks. We need to keep the winter inflation, otherwise it will be difficult to stabilize it in the future," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Taszhurekov informed about the state of stocks of basic foodstuffs in the SPCs' stab funds for the off-season. Today the volume of 174.1 thousand tons (100.6 thousand tons of potatoes, 25.6 thousand tons of onions, 22.6 thousand tons of cabbage, 25.1 thousand tons of carrots) has been formed. This is 20% higher than the level of demand recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture for this period. Regions concluded contracts for 18.5 thousand tons of rice, which is 92% of the recommended volume. Of these, 66.6% of contracts - with producers of Kyzylorda region. 

"For sugar, the volume of stocks in the SPK is 51.6 thousand tons, which is twice as much as the recommended need. For buckwheat groats in 13 regions stocks also exceed the recommended norm of need," Taszhurekov said. 

At the meeting it was reported that the volume of direct contracts with agricultural producers under the revolving scheme by the regions has been brought to 70%.

"All regions should be fully provided with the types of products that they produce. For example, Zhambyl region - onions, Turkestan region - cabbage, Kyzylorda region - rice, East Kazakhstan region - sunflower oil, etc. It is also necessary to provide all regions with them as much as possible. This year we have established effective horizontal links of supply of vegetables and products between the regions, it is necessary to further strengthen these links. In January, we will hold a final meeting, at which the Ministry of Agriculture should present forecasts on the beginning of dispersal of formed stocks," Serik Zhumangarin summarized the results of the meeting.

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