Olzhas Bektenov discusses production growth prospects and support measures with agricultural producers in North Kazakhstan region 

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov within the framework of his working trip to North Kazakhstan region visited the enterprises of agro-industrial complex, where he got acquainted with the potential for further increase of Kazakhstan's production to ensure food security of the country.

During the inspection of the modern dairy complex "Kyzylzhar Sut" LLP Olzhas Bektenov familiarised himself with the technological process of "smart farm". At the enterprise all processes are fully automated: from feeding and care of animals to collection and processing of milk. For three years the number of cattle was increased more than 2 times (from 720 cows in 2020 to 1502 heads in 2023). At the end of last year the dairy complex produced more than 6 thousand tonnes of raw milk.

Head of the Government was informed that within the framework of this project in North Kazakhstan region construction of 18 dairy farms continues, for financing of which 17 billion tenge has been allocated from the republican budget. It is expected that their launch will allow to increase milk production in the region up to 690 thousand tonnes per year, and finished dairy products up to 215 thousand tonnes. According to preliminary data, this will account for 25% of the total national volume.

The next object of the visit was the domestic flagship in the field of milk processing "Maslo-Del Petropavlovsk" LLP. The enterprise has been successfully functioning for more than 20 years. Last year it produced 104.8 thousand tonnes of finished dairy products, or 11.5% of the total volume in the country. During the visit, significant potential for further increase in processing and export of finished agricultural products was noted. The Government, on its part, promotes the development by providing subsidies for raw milk delivered for processing, and to dairy processing enterprises for butter and cheese produced.

At the enterprise "AVAGRO" LLP Prime Minister got acquainted with the process of production of agricultural machinery, which is especially important on the threshold of the beginning of mass spring sowing works. We shall remind you that on Tuesday, March 26 at the Government session Olzhas Bektenov raised the issue of wear and tear of machinery used by Kazakhstani agrarians. It was noted that this figure exceeds 75%, instructions were given to assist farmers in updating agricultural machinery. 

Domestic manufacturer of agricultural machinery AVAGRO LLP has been present in the Kazakh market for 27 years. The company has established production of a wide range of products: trailed and self-propelled sprayers, tanks, transport blocks, etc. The volume of production in the industry for 5 years increased by 304% in physical terms: from 4.2 thousand units in 2019 to 17.2 thousand units in 2023. At the same time, the share of local content has been brought to 70%.

Having examined the presented products, Prime Minister instructed the relevant ministries to promptly build targeted work to connect agrarians in need of equipment renewal with the domestic manufacturer. In parallel, the ministries, akimats and "Baiterek" holding should assist entrepreneurs in the application of state support measures within the framework of existing preferential programmes. Thus, on the instructions of the Head of State it is planned to allocate 450 billion tenge for preferential leasing of agricultural machinery exclusively of domestic production with the application of counter obligations.

"Food security should be developed at a decisive pace. The Head of State in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan noted the need to develop deep processing with bringing the share of agro-industrial complex products to 70 per cent. Successful domestic business is first of all Kazakhstani products on the shelves and jobs. Today we have imported dairy products in the domestic market. Although our factories can produce everything we need, there are opportunities for this," Olzhas Bektenov emphasised. 

The Government is currently developing a comprehensive plan of measures to support the food and processing industry, as well as will be revised measures of state support in terms of stimulating the purchase of domestic agricultural machinery.

During the inspection of objects of agro-industrial complex Prime Minister was also informed about spring field work, in particular about diversification of crops with a focus on increasing the area of highly profitable oilseeds and fodder crops. The region also plans to gradually increase the use of water-saving technologies in irrigated farming, bringing such areas to 17.9 thousand hectares by 2028. 

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