Serik Zhumangarin discusses investment in Kazakhstan industry with Chinese businessmen

The round table was held in Shenzhen on August 13, 2023, where the Kazakhstan delegation focused on the development of cooperation with major businessmen, representatives of companies included in the top ratings of suppliers of technologies, goods, services in China, as well as with global exporters in the field of agriculture, logistics and transport. 

The Kazakhstan delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin was represented by Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev, Chairman of the Presidium of Atameken NCE Raimbek Batalov, Chairman of the Industrial Development Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development Azamat Panbayev, General Director of the Center for Development of Trade Policy "Qaztrade" Rustem Assulbek, heads of NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC and other specialized enterprises.

"Today Kazakhstan-China cooperation is characterized by high dynamics of contacts at the highest level and a wide range of areas of trade and economic cooperation, investment attraction, transport and logistics development. During the meeting in Xi'an in May, the heads of Kazakhstan and China set a task for us to bring mutual trade turnover in the coming years to $40 billion. I am confident that we will soon reach this figure. But in addition to the quantitative indicator, the quality of content is important to us. The Government of Kazakhstan is interested in maximizing the production of high value-added goods with your help, experience and huge stock of technological developments. Products made in Kazakhstan have quite a lot of advantages. We are in the EAEU, which means access to a market of 160 million people," Serik Zhumangarin addressed the participants of the round table.

Fang Jianhua, senior economist and president of the China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA), suggested using the site of the international agricultural machinery exhibition organized by the association as a bridge for Kazakhstan-China cooperation. This exhibition is world famous and is the largest in Asia. On behalf of CAMDA, he said the association is ready to make efforts to invest in Kazakhstan in trade and infrastructure construction. 

Xu Xuefeng, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Phosphate Fertilizer Producers, spoke about the development of the industry in the PRC. 

As technology and equipment develops, the capacity of fertilizer production in China is continuously growing. Today, China produces over one-third of the world's production of two types of phosphate fertilizers, and their exports account for about 30% of the world's turnover; another one accounts for 11% of the world's turnover and 15% of the world's exports. 

In recent years, China has seen an increase in the use of organic fertilizers. At the same time, a huge market for the production of other kinds of fertilizers is emerging.

"Our association has about 400 members, covering over 90% of all fertilizer producers in the PRC. I think our members can support cooperation between Kazakhstan and China in the field of fertilizer production," she said.

Tian Weihong, Secretary General of the China Seed Trade Association, proposed to jointly develop the seed industry in Kazakhstan. 

"Seeds are the foundation of agricultural development. In 30 years, we have made great breakthroughs. The performance of varieties of crops such as rice, corn and many other crops is especially good. High-quality seeds can meet not only the demand of China, but also abroad. This is just in line with the potential of Kazakhstan, where there is a huge area for crops. We can strengthen our dialog at the government level, enhance the exchange between our countries' associations, make platforms for our companies to cooperate in this field, and promote the development of the seed industry in your country. We can also transfer our advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence for agriculture to contribute to grain safety in Kazakhstan," Tian Weihong said.

The Kazakhstan side invited a group of experts from the association to come to Kazakhstan as early as August to discuss ways of cooperation.

Other participants made proposals to establish cooperation in the production of agricultural machinery, Internet banking, and innovative technologies in agriculture.

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