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Government faces the task of increasing volume of non-primary exports to $32 billion by 2022

16 April 2019, 11:25

At the meeting of the Government chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the issues of promoting non-primary exports and the course of implementation of the national export strategy were considered. For the further development of the export potential, the Kazakhstan Industry and Export Center has been established.

The ministers of national economy Ruslan Dalenov, industry and infrastructure development Roman Sklyar, agriculture Saparkhan Omarov, and Chairman of Baiterek Holding Aidar Arifkhanov reported on the work carried out. Minister of Foreign Affairs Baibut Atamkulov, in turn, informed about the promotion of export products in foreign markets.

“The development of the country's export potential is a strategically important factor in ensuring quality economic growth,” said Mamin.

At the end of 2018, exports of non-commodity goods and services amounted to $23 billion, including non-oil exports of goods — $15.7 billion and the volume of exports of services — $7.3 billion.

In accordance with the export strategy, the Government is faced with the task of increasing the volume of non-primary exports to $32 billion by 2022.

The prime minister noted that the main conditions for increasing trade with partner countries in the framework of the EAEU, as well as with China and other countries, is to increase the competitiveness of domestic goods and services. For this purpose, measures of state support of exports are provided; a Kazakhstani industry and export center has been established. Financial instruments of state business support from production to export will be consolidated in one place.

“We need to strengthen efforts to improve the quality and accessibility of cross-border infrastructure. This is especially important since our closest trading partners have stable forecasts for the development of the economy,” said Mamin.

Special attention is paid to the promotion of exports of domestic agricultural products.

“Our products should be recognizable abroad and its promotion should be ensured through the formation of export umbrella brands,” the prime minister stressed, emphasizing the need for their active promotion to foreign markets.

To do this, Kazakhstani producers must improve the quality of goods and ensure their full compliance with regulations and other requirements of countries of export interest.

“A modern laboratory base should be formed. This will help our business to obtain the appropriate certification of its goods and services,” said Mamin, noting the need to study the issue of promoting export-oriented goods through electronic international trading platforms.

Following the consideration of the issue, the Prime Minister Mamin instructed to develop road maps on export promotion in the sectors and priority service sectors in a month, as well as to ensure the development and implementation of Kazakhstan standards, technical regulations and standards that meet international standards.

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