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Special attention should be given to quality of state services — Bakytzhan Sagintayev

20 December 2017, 16:26

Today, at a meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, issues of public services and the development of electronic government were discussed.

Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Communications, reported on the work in this direction.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is considering the possibility of interaction in the ‘Paper Free’ format — the exclusion of paperwork, the transition to the ‘one application’ principle.

According to primary estimates, the implementation of these measures in the near future will completely eliminate more than 20 million certificates.

Даурен Абаев

"To date, 621 out of 746 state services have been transferred to the ‘Government for Citizens’, which is more than 83%. These services are provided by 349 front-offices, where more than 20,000 employees work and which provide about 37 million services per year," the Minister of Information and Communications said.

In addition, the issue of transferring some information systems, such as the eGov electronic government portal, mobile applications mGov, IIS PSC, SDB "Real Estate Register" and AIS "State Land Cadastre" to the trust management of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens" is under development.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has already transferred the Integrated information system for public service centers – IIS PSC to trust management.

Dauren Abayev explained that this work is aimed at implementing the principle of ‘Digital by default’, which provides for the planning and subsequent provision of public services exclusively in electronic form, with the expansion of the possibility of self-service.

The Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov also spoke on this issue.

Тимур Сулейменов

"Currently, work has been carried out to identify the so-called ‘hidden’ services (some functions of government agencies that correspond to the definition of ‘public services’, but not included in the Register of Public Services) for their further inclusion in the Register of Public Services," Timur Suleimenov said.

According to the data announced by the Minister of National Economy, in the framework of this work 58 new state services have already been included in the Register. At present, the analysis of 200 functions of state bodies has been completed, following which 50 new state services will be included in the Register.

At present, the total number of state services in the Register is 746 state services, of which 452 public services can be received in electronic form, 621 state services are provided through the State Corporation "Government for Citizens", local executive bodies — 191 state services. Also, in order to simplify the permitting system, full automation was provided for obtaining all permissions and sending notifications online.

Аблайхан Оспанов

In addition, during the meeting on this issue, the report was made by Ablaykhan Ospanov, Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens".

Summing up the consideration of the issue, the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev gave a number of specific instructions.

The Ministry of Information and Communications, the State Corporation "Government for Citizens", within the framework of the transition to the digital format of work, were instructed to pay special attention to the quality of the services provided.

"85% of state services are transferred to the State Corporation ‘Government for Citizens’ — we have already reached a high mark. But there is a lot of work on the quality of services that has to be done. The question is not how many services we provide, but how. When the people feel that they receive low-quality service, they still go for a paper certificate. That is, the state bodies should change their approach," Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

The Ministry of Information and Communications, in conjunction with interested state bodies, should further work out the Action Plan for the transfer of public services to non-alternative services.

The Prime Minister paid special attention to the issue of protecting personal data of citizens.

"It is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of officials and employees of the State Corporation," Bakytzhan Sagintayev said.

The Ministry of National Economy was instructed to develop a Roadmap to identify ‘hidden’ services and responsible officials within a month.