Providing drinking water, spring sowing and launching new industrial facilities – Alikhan Smailov holds discussion on Kostanay region development

Actual issues of socio-economic development of Kostanay region were discussed at the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov within his working visit to the region. 

With the participation of the leadership of the regional akimat and central government agencies the measures taken in the spheres of industry, heat and power, agriculture, transportation, health care, etc. were considered. 

It was noted that following the results of the last working visit of the head of the Government to Kostanay region in September 2022, most of the instructions have been fulfilled. At the same time, some infrastructure projects are at the stage of realization. 

"Work on providing the population with drinking water continues. On the part of the Government funds are allocated in a timely manner and in full. Akimat needs to complete the work in due time," Alikhan Smailov said. 

He reminded that to prevent pollution of water bodies it was instructed to take measures to build and reconstruct sewage treatment facilities.

"Akimat and the relevant ministry to start realization of projects with full documentation. On the planned ones to accelerate the development of documentation and tender procedures," Prime Minister pointed out. 

Turning to the agenda of the meeting, Alikhan Smailov noted that last year due to unfavorable natural and climatic events was particularly difficult for the agro-industrial complex. 

"Despite this, about 4 million tons of grain crops were harvested in the region. This year the budget provides 57 billion tenge for the agrarians of the region, including 38 billion tenge in the form of subsidies. Akimat should take timely measures for spring sowing," he said. 

Prime Minister instructed to consider the possibility of allocating additional funding for the development of large dairy farms, taking into account climatic conditions of the region and economic feasibility.

According to him, the program "Auyl amanaty" will also contribute to the increase in incomes of the rural population.

"This year the Government has allocated 2 times more funds for its implementation in the region compared to last year. In general for 2023, thanks to the program was created about 300 jobs, this year is expected to be at least 600. Akimat should not just issue loans, but also stimulate the cooperation of private subsidiary farms," Alikhan Smailov pointed out. 

At the same time, the head of the Government noted that 13 industrial investment projects worth 127 billion tenge are planned to be implemented in the region this year. In this regard, he demanded to ensure their qualitative launch and to work out the issue of expansion of the industrial zone, taking into account the connection of the relevant infrastructure.

Prime Minister emphasized that in pursuance of the order of the Head of State a decision was made to build a new branch of gas pipeline from Aktobe region to Kostanai.

"Feasibility study of the project has already been developed and sent for expertise. The Ministry of Energy together with QazaqGaz should accelerate in this direction. Akimat should work with investors on synchronization of their projects taking into account provision of the region with additional volumes of gas," Alikhan Smailov said. 

Along with this, it was noted that in August last year the Government approved comprehensive development plans for Amangelda and Dzhangelda districts, single-industry towns of Arkalyk, Zhitikara and Lisakovsk. About 78 billion tenge is provided for their implementation from the republican budget.

"These funds are primarily aimed at improving the quality of life of the population. Akimat needs to ensure quality and timely implementation of all activities," Head of the Government emphasized. 

During the meeting the issue of logistics development was also touched upon. Thus, the budget of the highway sector of the region in 2023 amounted to 56 billion tenge. At the expense of these funds 700 km of roads between settlements and 299 streets in settlements were repaired. This year's budget provides more than 66 billion tenge for these purposes.

"An important project for the region on reconstruction of the highway "Kostanai - Denisovka" has been completed. Design works on the sections of the republican roads are underway. These are "Uzunkol - Troebratskoye", "Sarykol - the border of North Kazakhstan region" and the road from the border of Ulytau region to Arkalyk. In the future, after the completion of existing projects it is planned to reconstruct the highway "Kostanay - the border of the Russian Federation," the Prime Minister said. 

In terms of development of the health sector, Alikhan Smailov noted that within the framework of the instructions given by him during the previous working trip, the issues of construction of a regional perinatal center and financing of a polyclinic in Tobyl city had been worked out.

"By the end of the year the Akimat together with the Ministry of Healthcare should put the polyclinic into operation and start construction of the center," Prime Minister said.

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