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Kazakhstan to launch a new TV channel

07 February 2017, 15:03

A new TV channel "El Arna" with the live stream of documentaries, feature films and TV series of exclusively domestic production will be presented to Kazakhstanis in March, said Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev at a press conference after the cabinet meeting.

TV channels will broadcast on the drum method similar foreign TV channels TV1000, Cinema House. Not less than 50% of broadcasting will be in the Kazakh language.

According to D.Abayev, the format will be radically different from the previous channel with the same name.

"It will be a completely new format. The "El Arna" brand is very good. We would like to preserve it," D.Abayev said.

Currently, the ministry is considering the possibility of broadcasting films released since 1940.

It should be reminded that the eponymous TV channel stopped broadcasting in March 2014, on its frequency news channel «» began broadcasting.

Kazakhstan to launch a new TV channel
Министр информации и коммуникаций Даурен Абаев